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My name is Denise Steele & I'm the instructor and owner of The Joint Is Jumpin! Swing Dance Studios.


At The Joint is Jumpin! we offer instruction in Swing and Vintage dances to students of all ages.  I have been teaching dance for over 20 years covering Lindy Hop, 20's Charleston, Vernacular Jazz, Vintage Shag, Big Apple, and Swing Blues.  During this time it has been my pleasure to bring the top names in the global dance community to the Eugene and Portland, Oregon area to teach workshops with me.  If you would like to find out more please have a look around,  and join our facebook group page!


Check out our new "store" to purchase class tickets, workshop DVDs, original artwork, giclees, and greeting cards.


See you on the dance floor!

Denise Steele

Latest Updates

Denise is available for private lessons and workshops as a guest teacher!